Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bad Things Happen

I try hard to be a good person. It makes no sense that bad things should happen when I try to be nice. Today I was doing some work on my computer, and my little brother needed to use it. I obliged, and immediately went to the "Switch User" screen. In my haste, I did not bother to save my work on an online application I was working on. I watched in agony as nothing I tried to do worked to save my poor computer. I tried to escape, I tried to cancel, I tried to put the computer to sleep and reopen it to see if it responded, but none of it was effective. In desperation, I resorted to a force restart, so I could at least use my computer again. I got hopeful once my computer realized that there was a problem and offered to open all the applications that I was using before the crash, and I was extremely excited when Google Chrome offered to reopen the deleted tabs. Somewhere inside of me, a little voice told me that I hadn't saved, therefore the work would be lost, and I was devastated when it was right. Sometimes long essays may be hard to write, but it is even harder to write short essays. How much can one learn about a person through only 150 words?! I had put so much time and effort into that paragraph, and I was so proud of it, but in the end, it was all lost. Sure, I can rewrite it, but it just isn't the same. Writing is only good when you're in that mode.

Two things to keep in mind from this incident:
1) Correlation does not equal causation. Always try to be a good person, no matter what happens.
2) Always SAVE everything before you start something else. You never know what is going to happen.

But I'm still mad.

That moment when the computer crashes and you didn't save.

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