Thursday, December 26, 2013

Burnt Out

lately I've been feeling terrible. i have no motivation at all, i can't focus on anything, and still i can't sleep. I've been irritable, miserable, and constantly feeling overwhelmed. its been like this for a few months now, so i thought it was depression, but depression didn't seem quite right. so i googled it and realized that I'm burnt out. This Lifehacker article describes it quite well:
"Burnout isn't as simple as extreme exhaustion. When you're truly burnt out, there's very little you'll do that isn't necessary for survival. You won't find a regular vacation very refreshing. You not only lose interest in the work that burnt you out in the first place, but in nearly everything else that you do. Fun won't be fun, every little thing will bother you, and you'll be unhappy without fully understanding why. You'll feel this way on a regular basis, and you'll likely believe there isn't an alternative. "
though knowing what it is won't solve the problem, its still the first step in the right direction (i hope). right now I'm worrying about a multitude of problems, including SATs, calculus, summer program applications, extracurriculars, and other projects. theres a lot of unnecessary stuff such as extra calc practice that my parents are forcing to me to do, but they don't realize that doing more will only make me learn less, because I'm not absorbing any of the information. if i could cut out some of that stress, recovery would be so much faster, but my parents really aren't understanding. its quite frustrating, to put it mildly.

if anyone has the same problem, or has specific suggestions on how to deal with burning out, comment and let me know. rant over. yay!

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